Patient’s Reflection on Her Medical Abortion Procedure (Abortion Pills: Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec) in the Philippines LXVI (66th entry)

To cope with the range of emotions that our patients undergo after the procedure with the abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec , we encourage them to make a reflection about their experience and share them with us and the world ( their identities kept confidential).  A  “reflection” will help them unload much of that emotional baggage. This activity will surely help them a lot as they embark on the road to a full recovery  and to a new  beginning. Sadly, some patients commit the same mistakes and take for granted the practice of safe sex and the use of more reliable birth control methods (Withdrawal and calendar method are not reliable). Here’s one reflection from a repeat patient, Jane, a 23year-old jobseeker from Teresa, Rizal, Philippines. 

We always practice maximum restraint in publishing pictures of POC’s (Products of Conception)  from our patients even if consent is given. The default position is not to publish any pictures at all. However in this case and possibly more in the future, the decision to release the photos online is more for the benefit of women contemplating such a life-changing decision. It is best to do the procedure in the first first 4-7 weeks of pregnancy for lesser emotional and physical strain on the patient. We asked for the consent of the patient and she gave us the nod.  UNLESS CONSENT/PERMISSION IS GIVEN, WE DON’T RELEASE  ANY PHOTOS from our patients


Hi Sir Alex and Sir John! Here’s my story.

To be honest, this is my second time.  Sobrang nakakalungkot dahil on my second time still not the right time for me to be pregnant. I’m only 23 years old and I just graduated last year. So I decided to end my pregnancy again. I know, masama talaga ako at sobrang sama nanaman ng ginawa ko. Alam ko sa sarili ko di pa talaga right time and this will going to be a big blow on my parents. They are going to be disappointed in me.

Active a sex life namin ni boyfriend. We are confident na di na ulit ako mabubuntis but we were wrong. Nabuntis ulit ako in just five months after my 1st pregnancy. At first akala ko malapit lang ako magkaron kasi I was craving on different kinds of foods. Sobra. Until my expected date of my period hanggang sa lumagpas na, wala parin akong mens. There were signs na naranasan ko nung 1st pregnancy ko at naranasan ko watermarked-00 pt (2)ngayong 2nd pregnancy ko. Binalewala ko lang dahil confident ako na di ako buntis. Dahil nung 1st pregnancy ko, sadya talaga, pero ngayong 2nd pregnancy ko, talaga maingat kami. (Girls, wag kayo maniniwala sa boyfriend nyo pag sinabi nilang “wala yan” kasi di talaga reliable ang pull-out method) kaya eto nangyari sakin.


I contacted Project486 again. Nahiya nga ako kasi parang disappointment din na naulit uli etong nangyari sakin.  But then, I still contacted them. Sir Alex gave me the process and then I called Sir John. It was a smooth process (btw, I was 7 weeks pregnant).

I started folate diet. I really hate that part. Ngayong 2nd time ko kasi sobrang lakas ng cravings ko sa pagkain. Nahihirapan ako sa folate diet. Sobrang strict dapat. Pero di ko nga masyado nasunod ang folate diet (Sorry Sir John hehe). Pero di to advisable, you still need to be strict on your diet. Kung kaya pigilan, pigilan nyo. After 2 days of dieting. The next day, we did the procedure. Ayoko talaga nung part na sobrang sasakit yung puson. Mamamawis ka talaga sa sobrang sakit kahit naka-aircon ka (Di ko kayo tinatakot, kelangan nyo lang maging handa). Thankful ako sa boyfriend ko kasi andyan sya tinatabihan lang ako at niyayakap kahit na galing pa syang work nun. Pero nakakainis din kasi pinaghintay nya ko ng 2 hours! Grabe nastress ako ng araw na yun, di pwede mastress dapat pero ka-stress stress talaga yung boyfriend ko nun. Anyways, after that around 6pm, Sir John told me na pwede na kong tumayo at umupo while taking the buccal miso. Alam ko na, na pag tumayo ako may lalabas na sa V ko. I was right.This time, mas malaki yung lumabas.

But Thankful ako kasi di pa sya buo, ayoko maranasan na buo na sya L. Well, the process was successful. I was relieved at the same time disappointed. Kasi on my second time, still, I need to end my pregnancy.

Just an advice to all girls out there. If it is still not the right time, you can contact project 486. They are reliable and a great help. But make sure on your 2nd pregnancy, please, I hope nasa right time na. Like me, I was hoping na yung second pregnancy ko ay dapat nasa right time na, pero hinde. Di kami naging maingat. I regret na nangako ako, pero di ko tinuloy. Dapat nga 2 na babies ko ngayon. Pero nawala sila. Di dapat mangyayari kung naging maingat kami. I advice na mag take nalang ng pill or any contraceptives. On the other hand, sobrang helpful ng project 486. Kahit sobrang daming patients, they will still make time for you. Promise.

That’s all! FIGHTING!

-Jane, 23, Teresa, Rizal, Philippines


“Take hold of your future or the future will take hold of you” – P. Dixon


Patient’s Reflection on Her Medical Abortion Procedure (Abortion Pills: Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec) in the Philippines LXVI (66th entry)


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