Patient’s Reflection on Her Medical Abortion Procedure (Abortion Pills: Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec) in the Philippines LXV (65th entry)

To cope with the range of emotions that our patients undergo after the procedure with the abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec , we encourage them to make a reflection about their experience and share them with us and the world ( their identities kept confidential).  A  “reflection” will help them unload much of that emotional baggage. This activity will surely help them a lot as they embark on the road to a full recovery  and to a new  beginning.  Here’s one reflection from Lulu, a 23 year old employee and reviewee  from Rizal, Philippines.

We always practice maximum restraint in publishing pictures of POC’s (Products of Conception)  from our patients even if consent is given. The default position is not to publish any pictures at all. However in this case and possibly more in the future, the decision to release the photos online is more for the benefit of women contemplating such a life-changing decision. It is best to do the procedure in the first first 4-7 weeks of pregnancy for lesser emotional and physical strain on the patient. We asked for the consent of the patient and she gave us the nod.  UNLESS CONSENT/PERMISSION IS GIVEN, WE DON’T RELEASE  ANY PHOTOS from our patients

I was 5 days delayed when I realized I was pregnant. Bought a PT and got a positive fainted line on that very day. (Btw. I was uncertain if a faint line means positive or negative since I am not used to this thing, but thanks to my online sisters! hugs) *so, throws PT immediately* *Paniiiiic!*

I was anxious but did not tell anyone about the situation.  I bought mahogany seeds and makabuhay roots in Quiapo in the hope that it may induce menstruation but it didn’t (btw, these herbals taste like hell). I searched on the net and found the blog about parsely and vit C for a self induced A. I had it for 2 days but unfortunately, it still did not work for me. I was so desperate about my situation. I felt so helpless.

But I was so decided so I did not give up. There’s not a day goes by without me spending time to search for the easiest way out to this problem. Until I found a bunch of Cytotec online sellers. And lo! I was so dismayed. I can sense thru their scheme that they are douchebag scammers. Like, almost 90% of them are scam.

Sad to say, there will be a lot of predators that will take advantage of our situation. So please be extra careful! And know who to trust! Paganahin ang instinct sis, dyan tayo magaling diba.

So going back. Upon realizing that Vit C and Parsely didn’t work for me, I immediately contacted Project 486. I was already 7 days delayed during that time. For a lot of reasons, I told myself I wouldn’t want to keep this longer so I did not at all consider taking other tabs (eg. cortal, dong quai, etc.) since it might just have adverse reaction in my body or maybe I would only waste a bunch of money and not get any result from it. I am already decided to do the Plan B since it has been proved to be 99% effective. So mas makakamura ako kapag Plan B na agad at wala ng keme keme! Saka, tumatakbo din ang oras kaya dapat kumilos na agad.

So as per protocol, Sir Alex asked me to send him a pic of the PT. I bought a new one, and tried it once again. Crossing my fingers, hoping and praying it will show a single line… but this time, it showed a stronger red double lines!!!

So, yeah. Confirmed. Positive.

I was then subjected to a phone consultation with Sir John which lasted for 2 hours. Everything was explained thoroughly. And you know what? Speaking to Sir John was beyond therapeutical, I felt a whole lot relieved though I have not yet started the procedure. Hehehe. Felt like Sir John was a gynecologist and a psychologist all at once!

Later that night, I told my bf about the delay of my menstruation. I didn’t tell him about the PT yet. I just told him, “I’m a week delayed now… What if I’m pregnant?” He answered me, “I’m gonna marry you then as soon as possible. Will you marry me?” I punched him straight in the face as I was thinking he ain’t taking things seriously. Like, hello! This is a very serious matter for me!

The next day, he asked me to take the pregnancy test so we can  confirm it. I refused as I already know what the result will be. Then I asked him once again, “What if I’m really pregnant?” He answered, “We’ll have you checked so we can take care of your health and the baby’s.” “Seriously?! I’m not keeping this. I have a lot of dreams to achieve, I’m definitely not keeping this.” I got mad, I was so emotional and I started crying… until I already told him the truth. Both of us ended up crying. He was persistent that we should see a gynecologist. He wants me and the baby to be checked first. He wants to see the baby’s ultrasound. But I did not let it happen. I don’t want my decision be altered after seeing a tiny bump inside me.

We spent the entire night talking about it. I explained him everything and how safe the procedure will be. I also told him how firm I was to push through with my decision with or without his approval. So for the sake of my safety, he’s now giving his permission! As I continued talking, he was already crying real hard while kissing my tummy, he even played the song ‘baby shark’ and ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and placed the speaker close to my tummy so the baby can hear it clearly daw bago sya mawala. He even took selfie with my tummy. (Kainis! Sobrang kinokonsensya ako. Hahaha BUT HEY GIRLS, DON’T FALL FOR THIS! IT’S A TRAAAAAAP! ) Haayst. I don’t know why it’s easier for boys to say to keep the baby even if they, themselves, aren’t even ready. But on the other hands, I realized how lucky I am to have him as the father of my baby ❤ So yeah, before we slept I felt sorry for my bf as I can’t be the woman he thought I could be. Moreso, I felt sorry for the little angel, I can’t keep you yet as I’m still on the process of establishing myself to give you/your future siblings the best possible life I can give.

I was already 12 days delayed when I received the parcel. Started the procedure watermarked-01 pay Eimmediately on the 13th day.watermarked-02 meds

1st day: Mife intake- felt nothing
2nd day: Fasting- tolerable since I have been practicing a 1,500-calorie diet since then. My only struggle was the water! I used to drink 2 liters of water a day, thus , the absence of water for 6 hours is hell lot of a struggle for me. I felt dehydrated. My lips were starting to peel off (lip-cracks) >.<
3rd day: Miso insert- just a normal menstrual cramps on the second hour, cramps got worse as time goes by (but still tolerable for me). Started to feel liquid running through my pad. Maintained the pillow maneuver.

Miso buccal (4 hrs after the insert)- the tab tasted nothing. My only struggle here was on how to swallow the tab without water. Like, I’m terribly dehydrated. My mouth’s terrible dried, my lips are cracked. I tried my best to swallow it but I only ended up melting it in my tongue, until I was able to swallow it completely.

Sidenote: Thanks to my boyfriend for accompanying and monitoring me all throughout.

I obediently followed the time schedule and when it was about time to get up to

watermarked-20180305_074029change my pad, there was nothing. Only a brownish blood. When I decided to pee, Bang!!! A whoosh of blood, with the POCs (which was difficult to identify since embryo is very tricky to identify for early pregnancies), came out of my V in no time, without any pain.

And lo behold! I’m back to my normal life. THE AGONY IS OVER! (Real quick, right? That was because I was still on my 5-6 wks and the embryo is still as small as a grain of rice.)

To Sir John and Sir Alex, I just want to give you my warmest hugs and thanks for all your help! Especially to Sir John, thanks for being 24/7 available just to monitor your patients. Tho we know you also have a personal life but still you managed to monitor us anytime of the day, even in your wee hours! Thank you so much.

Project 486 is more than just a business! They are more like a group of passionate prochoice advocates. They are not after the money. They are for the health and safety of every individual, especiall women, to enjoy her fundamental right of choice.

To the lady reading this, I was once on your shoes. I too had doubts and hesitations at first. But if you are still not yet convinced with the feedbacks you read from different ladies here, what else will convince you? Project 486 is worth taking the risk! They will never leave you hanging. Time is of the essence so hurry and don’t keep it any longer so your life will not be put at risk. Don’t be afraid. I made it, you will make it too (that is only if you follow all the instructions) !

Note: It takes bravery to decide on this matter. You are a woman! And you are braver and stronger more than anyone could think of. It can’t be denied that the world is too cruel for us. Please let’s not be cruel against each other. Spread the word and let’s help other sisters bring back the relief they deserve! 😉 *hugsss*

Lulu, 23, employee, Rizal Philippines

“Take hold of your future or the future will take hold of you” – P. Dixon


Patient’s Reflection on Her Medical Abortion Procedure (Abortion Pills: Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec) in the Philippines LXV (65th entry)


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