Patient’s Reflection on Her Medical Abortion Procedure (Abortion Pills: Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec) in the Philippines LXIV (64th entry)

To cope with the range of emotions that our patients undergo after the procedure with the abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec , we encourage them to make a reflection about their experience and share them with us and the world ( their identities kept confidential).  A  “reflection” will help them unload much of that emotional baggage. This activity will surely help them a lot as they embark on the road to a full recovery  and to a new  beginning.  Here’s one reflection from Teph, a 27 year old office secretary from Batangas, Philippines

We always practice maximum restraint in publishing pictures of POC’s (Products of Conception)  from our patients even if consent is given. The default position is not to publish any pictures at all. However in this case and possibly more in the future, the decision to release the photos online is more for the benefit of women contemplating such a life-changing decision. It is best to do the procedure in the first first 4-7 weeks of pregnancy for lesser emotional and physical strain on the patient. We asked for the consent of the patient and she gave us the nod.  UNLESS CONSENT/PERMISSION IS GIVEN, WE DON’T RELEASE  ANY PHOTOS from our patients


Its been a day since i did the procedure. I’m feeling fine, relieved and at peace. Im 26y/o and i feel like my life is just getting started and having a baby is not really in my plan for the next 3 years but it happened so i had to do what has to be done. My boyfriend just came back from abroad two months ago. We haven’t seen each other for two years so we got really excited to each other to the point of giving myself to him without using any conceptive. I was 4 days late from my expected menstruation when i did the test. Faint positive.

I cried a lot but my boyfriend is actually really happy about it and told his mom even if i told him for us to wait for another week to test again. Just to be sure, i told him.


I spent that night searching on how can i induce menstraution or miscarriage. Read this blog about herbal method, with vit c and other supplement.I secretly did the routine for 1 week. Took the test again and result is still positive so i proceed with my plan B. I emailed project486 and they replied immediately. Talked to sir john that night for 30mins and made payment the day after tomorrow. All this was hidden from my boyfriend because i know that he wouldn’t understand and would go against it or worst he would leave me if i told him everything. He actually bought 2 pt that day so i can try them and  he can talk to my parents about the situation but i just kept him hanging. Telling him i will do it the next day. But not really. Blah blah


The meds arrived on the exact day that i plan to do it. I did everything sir alex and sir john instructed me. Bought everything that is necessary to the procedure.watermarked-01 pay Only ate the foods on their list. Fasted on the right hour. watermarked-02 med

Then came the 3rd day (crucial day). Severe cramps and back pain for hours and very uncomfortable position. Im feeling worried that point because i dont feel anything coming out from my v at all. After 8hrs, i stood up and i felt a lot of blood came out so i watermarked-03 pocimmediately went to the comfort room to check my diaper. I started washing every blood clot, took pictures and send it to sir alex. Waited for hours for their confirmation but sir john instructed me to take the last two miso tablets to make sure. So i did it. 4th day. After careful evaluation sir john finally confirmed that im officially not pregnant. I was so relieved. Pain was worth it. I also told my boyfriend that my period came. I can see how sad and disappointed he was. I hugged him and said that we will have it when the time is right.


To project468, thank you so much. Your team is a huge help to all those women like me. To sir alex and mostly to sir john for being with me throughout the procedure, thank you so much. Promise to be really careful next time.

-Teph, 27, office secretary,  Batangas, Philippines

“Take hold of your future or the future will take hold of you” – P. Dixon


Patient’s Reflection on Her Medical Abortion Procedure (Abortion Pills: Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec) in the Philippines LXIV (64th entry)


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