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“Ten abortion clinics that had been in danger of being forced to close — about half those still in existence — will be allowed to continue operating. The reopening of clinics that already shut their doors became a possibility.”










PROJECT 486: A Patient’s Reflection on Her Medical Abortion Procedure (Abortion Pills: Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec ) in the Philippines VII

To cope with the range of emotions that our patients undergo after the procedure (Medical Abortion  with Abortion Pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec ) , we encourage them to make a reflection about their experience and share them with us and the world ( their identities kept confidential).  A  “reflection” will help them unload much of that emotional baggage. This activity will surely benefit them  a lot as they embark on the road to a full recovery  and to a new  beginning.  Here’s one reflection from Leslie,  a  25-year old  board exam reviewee  from Batangas,  Philippines
My name is Leslie. I’m 25 turning 26 very soon. I’m jobless. Reviewing for the most important exam of my life. And was pregnant for approximately 6 weeks.
I used 3 pregnancy kits on different days to confirm what i knew in my heart to be true. All three kits reflected faint positive results. I knew, also, that i could not and would not for the life of me continue with the pregnancy. my mind was made up. And my partner’s was not. He wanted me to keep the baby, he even asked me to marry him. As much as it broke my heart to break his, i had to tell him i was not ready. Because we were not ready. He was going to review for the same exams. He just recently graduated. And he is not well off. We both aren’t. despite his objections he supported me through this whole process. And for that i’m forever thankful and forever sorry.
So i had to be strong. He called it fortitude, i call it selfishness. I researched. Every night, instead of studying, from which i was completely distracted; i surfed the net, read blogs, took notes and eventually bought herbal meds.  It ultimately failed. I was lucky the first person i contacted online gave me enough information to help me see it through despite the failed attempt at herbal abortion. She gave me the email ad of project486  (  in one of our correspondences. I was scared shitless. I needed it to work. My first email to project486 may have even sounded too desperate and it was mainly because i was.
My partner, my close friend was skeptical. Which made me have trust issues. But out of our desperation we contacted project486 and we we’re not disappointed. I was under time pressure considering the schedule i had for my review. And there was no delay. The project486 team was accommodating. They did not take advantage of my situation, my weakness. They took care of me. Regularly giving reminders through the 4-day procedure. They were professionals in dealing with me as a patient, and the moment the one and a half hour phone call consultation ended, i somehow knew i was in good hands.
I strongly advise women who find themselves in the same situation to contact project486 as soon as you can. Like you i was afraid to trust someone i could not see eye to eye. I was doubtful. But i hope you take my word for it when i say project486 is legit. Last  June 20, i lost my baby. I cried when i saw the POC. But it was my choice, and project486 helped me exercise my right to choose.
I do not promote abortion. In the end safe sex, natural means of avoiding pregnancy, family planning and even artificial methods are highly recommended so that we won’t have to make the same difficult choice again. Keep the baby if you are able. But for those who are already here. Those whose options are very much limited by their situation, i pray that you make the same leap of faith that i did with this team. Do not attempt to proceed without medical advise or consultation. Do not self medicate. I have read enough blogs to know how dangerous it is to do this. If you can’t save the life of your baby, save yours. Let’s all help each other make the right choice despite of all the wrong choices we’ve already made in the past which led us where we are now. Please. Trust that project486 will help you. As it helped me.
To sir jon. Thank you.
To sir alex and the whole team, i hope you help more women.
Thank you.
-Leslie, 25

” Take hold of your future or the future will take hold of you.” – P. Dixon

PROJECT 486: A Patient’s Reflection on Her Medical Abortion Procedure (Abortion Pills: Mifepristone and Misoprostol or Cytotec ) in the Philippines VII